Five uses for your now redundant telephone line

The landline is dying a remarkably quick death. Having kept families in touch for the more than a century, house phone calls have halved in the last 6 years alone.

Unsurprisingly, the growth of internet data being used by households is showing no signs of slowing down. More people are using web apps like Skype or WhatsApp for calls, with record numbers of the older generation getting online to stay connected with their families.

The joys of internet without line rental

Internet without line rental happens to be one of the nice little extras you get with 6G Internet’s wireless broadband, which means you don’t even need a landline to stay online.

With no need to use it for the internet or calls, your telephone line is pretty much useless when you join us. So what’s the point in keeping it around?

Well, I suppose it depends on how much you enjoy paying line rental. If you still want to pay the monthly fee to keep your telephone line, we have come up with five helpful options so you can make the most of it.

Uses for your now redundant telephone line










  • Secondary washing line
    Summer’s just around the corner and the weather is already veering between scorching and slightly damp – that precious time when hanging washing outside leaves you on a constant emotional knife-edge.

Should you dash outside and save your clothes from those ominous grey clouds, or risk leaving them out for that gloriously small chance of getting them all dry on one go?

Why not double the fun by hanging even more washing out on your telephone line? It’s all the fun of the casino with the added bonus of clean bed-sheets.

  • High difficulty badminton net
    It’s a game of energy and deft flicks of the wrist, but have you really even challenged yourself if you haven’t played badminton over a net as high as the roof of your house?

Granted this is very much dependent on whether your telephone line stretches across a busy road. No one wants their badminton match interrupted by an HGV.

  • External display for your children’s artwork
    Anyone with small children cannot help but be bewildered by the level of artwork they bring home on a daily basis. The front of the fridge can only hold so much and the thought of throwing it away is equivalent to burning it in front of them.

Problem solved! Show off your pride and joy’s creations to the whole neighbourhood. Who’s the best parent? I think we know.

  • Tight-rope for your pets
    Sure, there are a lot of unanswered questions for this one. Like how do you get your Labrador onto the telephone line in the first place? How much training will it need before it can travel across, and how do you get it down afterwards?

On second thoughts, this is probably a terrible idea.

  • Extra-dangerous zip line
    Yeah, this could end in tears too. Mea culpa. This one should have never left the brainstorm.

If you’ve got any better ideas we’d love to hear them. Or if you want to taste the joys of internet without line rental for yourself, why not see if you’re eligible today.