Why 6G Internet’s Mesh system is better than Wi-Fi boosters

Slow internet speeds, dropped Wi-Fi signals, or limited coverage are all symptoms of a weak internet signal. And we all hate having bad internet. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to improve your connection and widen your Wi-Fi coverage area.


Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of your home internet connection.


Get a Wi-Fi booster


Wi-Fi boosters are one of the best and easiest ways to extend your network coverage.


Wi-Fi boosters expand your internet coverage area by boosting or amplifying the wireless signal. They take an existing signal from a wireless router or access point and re-broadcast it to create a second network.


There are several different types of Wi-Fi boosters. But the most common and effective boosters are the wall plug booster and the desktop design booster.


Plug boosters plug into an electrical wall socket, creating a new network in that room. They do a good job of improving the signal in one particular room or area of the home with poor Wi-Fi coverage.


Desktop boosters sit on a desk, table, or shelf and use external antennas to send a stronger Wi-Fi signal to multiple rooms.


How far does a booster extend the Wi-Fi range?


Most standard routers have a range of around 150-300 feet. Devices outside that range will experience connectivity issues. A Wi-Fi booster can increase that range by up to 2,000 feet, giving you much greater internet coverage.


Are Wi-Fi boosters safe?


Wi-Fi boosters use the same level of security as all Wi-Fi routers. Your information and data should always be safe when transmitted across a booster system.


Do I get more internet with a booster?


No. Boosters can speed up your internal  Wi-Fi connection, but they won’t improve your external connection.


If you pay for 100Mbps per month, you’ll only ever receive a maximum of 100Mbps, no matter how many boosters you put around the house. Boosters simply maximise your bandwidth potential. They help ensure you get all the internet you pay for, but no more.


What is a mesh Wi-Fi router?


A mesh Wi-Fi router, or mesh system, joins multiple Wi-Fi access points together to create and share a single, seamless Wi-Fi network. It provides total coverage to even the largest homes and buildings.


Should I get a Wi-Fi mesh system?


If the Wi-Fi router or boosters you use in your small apartment don’t provide the full wireless connectivity you want, then a mesh Wi-Fi router system is the perfect solution.


They’re ideal if you have a large home or live in a property with an unusual layout that rises more than two stories.


The benefits of mesh routers


Mesh systems offer loads of great benefits and advantages, including:


  • A mesh system means no dead zones and the same fast and reliable speeds in every part of your home.


  • Mesh networks are easy to manage. They’re automated and can be controlled via smartphone apps. Mesh-router apps let users quickly scan their speeds, cut off Wi-Fi access to specific networks, create guest networks, test the quality between the various connection points, and connect to smart home devices.


  • Streamlined connections. Unlike a booster system, a mesh network doesn’t require constant reconnection as you move from room to room around the house. A single, seamless mesh network minimises lag, jitter, buffering, and dropouts.


What is better, a booster system or a mesh network?


Boosters are good. But mesh systems are excellent.


Mesh networks are the best choice for broadband customers looking for broader network coverage and better connections.


Mesh networks are faster, more secure, more reliable, and guarantee the same level of connection in every corner of every room. They also give you more control over your network and can help improve, for example, the streaming speeds to your TV.


Why can I get a mesh Wi-Fi system from?


6G Internet’s ‘Wi-Fi Wherever‘ broadband system supports 100% total Wi-Fi coverage in every room, every single time.


The Wi-Fi Wherever mesh system uses multiple hard-wired routers to create a single network. It identifies your device and location and assigns the strongest available signal.


With Wi-Fi Wherever Mesh, you can log on and use your broadband anywhere in the home without losing speed or picture resolution. This is Wi-Fi Wherever you are at home – guaranteed.


6G Internet’s Wi-Fi Wherever packages start from just £29.99 p/m.

Ofcom investigating broadband providers over ‘dishonest’ price rises

Ofcom wants to launch an industry-wide enforcement programme into how broadband providers advertise price rises written into contracts. 


It calls for more transparency on mid-contract price rises to make consumers aware that their bills could go up in the future.


It comes after Ofcom analysed complaints suggesting customers who entered contracts between March 2021 and 2022 were not provided with clear enough information on the potential for price hikes.


Ofcom states that if providers want to include future price rise clauses in a contract, the terms must be detailed prominently and transparently at the point of sale.


They also state that customers who were not clearly notified should have the option to exit the contract penalty-free


Ofcom is gathering more information from providers and may launch separate investigations into individual firms.


Customers are struggling with the cost of living right now. Inflation has reached its highest rate in 40 years, leading to costly price increases for broadband customers.


Ofcom’s latest survey found that nearly 10 million UK households are struggling to afford broadband bills, with some doubling in price since April 2021.


The same study shows that just under 1 in 5 households (17%) are cutting back on food and clothing to make sure they can afford their monthly internet tariff.


Research from consumer watchdog Which? paints a similar picture.


“Our research has found that some customers who signed up for a broadband contract in early 2022 could see prices soar by up to £113 in 2023 due to mid-contract price rises,” says Rocio Concha, Which? Director of Policy and Advocacy. “It’s extremely concerning that these mid-contract price rises may not have been properly advertised to customers when they signed up, and we’re pleased to see Ofcom investigate the issue.”


“Given the cost of living pressures on consumers, Which? is calling on telecoms firms to allow customers to leave their contract without penalty if prices are hiked mid-contract – regardless of whether or not these increases can be said to be ‘transparent’ – and to carefully consider what level of mid-contract price hikes can be justified.”

Ethnic Reach wins the 6G Internet creative media award

Marketing agency Ethnic Reach scooped the 6G Internet creative media award at this year’s Tenth Asian Media Awards.

The London-based firm, which also took home the Media Agency of the Year trophy, picked up the award for its groundbreaking ‘#BeVisible: See the Ability, Not the Difference’ campaign, run alongside Vatika UK.

The campaign challenged discrimination in the beauty and personal care industry by promoting the stories of six women who identify as having a physical difference. Nearly one in five people in the UK self-identify as having a visible difference, yet beauty and personal care brands marketed for the Asian community barely reflect and represent their stories.

Ethnic Reach has been championing diversity and inclusion since 2006, through marketing strategy and brand profiling for public awareness, product and brand campaigns, events, and PR.

The 2022 Asian Media Awards took place at the Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester.

Some of the other categories and winners included:

Best TV Character

Balvinder Sopal

as Suki Panesar in Eastenders

TV Channel of the Year

Sony Entertainment Television

Best Radio Show

The Everyday Hustle

BBC Asian Network

Radio Presenter of the Year

Neev Spencer

Radio Station of the Year

Lyca Radio

Regional Journalist of the Year

Pritti Mistry

Journalist, BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Outstanding Young Journalist

Isaan Khan

Sports Reporter, Daily Mail

Sports Journalist of the Year

Nikesh Rughani

Commentator & Reporter, BBC Sport

Report of the Year

Helping Children in Crisis

Andrew Misra for ITV Border

Best Investigation

The Trojan Horse Affair

Hamza Syed & Brian Reed for The Serial & New York Times

Manchester Metropolitan University Journalist of the Year

Rohit Kachroo

Global Security Editor, ITN ITV News

Best Video Channel

Dr Karan Rajan

Best Newcomer

Ambika Mod

The Sophiya Haque Services to Television & Film Award

Kulvinder Ghir

Outstanding Contribution to Media Award

Lisa Aziz

Media Personality of the Year 

Nihal Arthanayake

“This year’s Asian Media Awards event was the best yet,” says Tara Murray, from 6G Internet. “There was so much talent and achievement on display. We were proud to be a part of it and even prouder to see Ethnic Reach named a worthy winner of the award we sponsored.”