Millions of homeowners and tenants will get better access to faster broadband

Nearly all new homes built in England will have a gigabit-ready broadband connection installed during the construction phase.

UK Ministers added new measures to the Building Regulations 2010 Act, ensuring that future homes built in England will be fitted with connections capable of delivering gigabit broadband; gigabit broadband is the fastest internet speed on the market.

Ministers estimate that the new law will help connect more than 9 million households to high-speed and reliable internet over the next few years. Long-term, it means that gigabit broadband will be standard in every home in England.

And there’s more good news.

The Government announced another new law that will make installing faster internet connections in blocks of flats and high-rise apartment buildings easier.

The Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Act (TILPA) gives broadband providers increased powers to gain access and install equipment when tenants request a faster broadband connection. Over 2000 residential buildings per year will be connected as a result.

“Nothing should stop people from seizing the benefits of better broadband, whether it is an unresponsive landlord or a property developer’s failure to act,” said Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez.

“Thanks to our new laws, millions of renters will no longer be prevented from getting a broadband upgrade due to the silence of their landlord. Those moving into newly built homes can be confident they’ll have access to the fastest speeds available from the day they move in.”

Gigabit broadband connections are available in over 70% of the UK.

They deliver lightning-fast download speeds. With a gigabit connection, customers enjoy a super smooth browsing experience.

It has enough bandwidth to support streaming and gaming on multiple devices, at the same time, with no slowdowns in speed. It’s broadband that keeps everybody happy.

And it’s ideal for homeworkers and remote learners who need a fast and reliable connection every time they log on.

How 6G Internet is giving Blackpool’s economy a welcome boost

Building new digital infrastructure in Blackpool is crucial to re-igniting the town’s economy, according to a recent study by GOV.UK.


The Blackpool Connectivity and Tourism Case Study, published at the end of 2022, conducted interviews with representatives of the Blackpool Council, local business owners, residents and tourists.


The vast majority of participants said faster and more stable internet connections would help attract new businesses and give the town’s declining tourism sector a welcome boost.


Affordable and accessible broadband would also help residents access essential services, as well as new employment and educational opportunities.


Why Blackpool needs better broadband


Blackpool remains one of the UK’s most deprived towns. Eight of the top 10 most deprived communities are in Blackpool and almost 50% of local households are below the poverty line.


“Blackpool is one of the UK’s ‘left behind’ areas,” writes one of the study’s authors. “Low wages, low employment rates, high levels of benefit claimants, poor health and high exclusion rates from school, mean that child poverty is unacceptably prevalent in the town.”


“Together, this has created poor economic conditions that are further exacerbated by a high proportion of residents with long-term debilitating illnesses and some of the poorest mental and physical health outcomes in the country.”


Improving the town’s digital infrastructure would be transformative, not just for the next few years but for generations ahead in Blackpool.


“Too many homes and businesses in Blackpool do not have access to the internet they need or deserve,” states the report. “If we are to tackle deprivation and unlock Blackpool’s economic potential in a meaningful way, then we need to provide the town and its residents with quality, 21st-century broadband at a reasonable price.”


6G Internet: Bringing better broadband to Blackpool 


Blackpool needs better broadband and 6G Internet is delivering it right now.


6G Internet’s first connections went live in Blackpool a few months ago.


Thanks to our new network, residents can get enough broadband to support browsing, streaming, gaming and home working on multiple devices for less than £20p/m.


Every connection includes free installation, a no-price-rise promise and, because we deliver air fibre broadband, customers don’t have to pay extra for a landline connection they never use.


Our Internet for everyone campaign also donates 20% of all network coverage to schools, charities and local organisations in need and it’s providing tablets and other digital devices to families experiencing economic hardship.


“Blackpool now has access to broadband that’s as fast and cheap as anywhere else in the UK,” said a 6G Internet spokesperson. “It’s a true game-changer. Residents and businesses can now take full advantage of 21st-century technology and services. If anywhere deserved this digital upgrade, then it was Blackpool. We’re excited to see the impact the new network will have.”

Why 6G Internet’s Mesh system is better than Wi-Fi boosters

Slow internet speeds, dropped Wi-Fi signals, or limited coverage are all symptoms of a weak internet signal. And we all hate having bad internet. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to improve your connection and widen your Wi-Fi coverage area.


Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of your home internet connection.


Get a Wi-Fi booster


Wi-Fi boosters are one of the best and easiest ways to extend your network coverage.


Wi-Fi boosters expand your internet coverage area by boosting or amplifying the wireless signal. They take an existing signal from a wireless router or access point and re-broadcast it to create a second network.


There are several different types of Wi-Fi boosters. But the most common and effective boosters are the wall plug booster and the desktop design booster.


Plug boosters plug into an electrical wall socket, creating a new network in that room. They do a good job of improving the signal in one particular room or area of the home with poor Wi-Fi coverage.


Desktop boosters sit on a desk, table, or shelf and use external antennas to send a stronger Wi-Fi signal to multiple rooms.


How far does a booster extend the Wi-Fi range?


Most standard routers have a range of around 150-300 feet. Devices outside that range will experience connectivity issues. A Wi-Fi booster can increase that range by up to 2,000 feet, giving you much greater internet coverage.


Are Wi-Fi boosters safe?


Wi-Fi boosters use the same level of security as all Wi-Fi routers. Your information and data should always be safe when transmitted across a booster system.


Do I get more internet with a booster?


No. Boosters can speed up your internal  Wi-Fi connection, but they won’t improve your external connection.


If you pay for 100Mbps per month, you’ll only ever receive a maximum of 100Mbps, no matter how many boosters you put around the house. Boosters simply maximise your bandwidth potential. They help ensure you get all the internet you pay for, but no more.


What is a mesh Wi-Fi router?


A mesh Wi-Fi router, or mesh system, joins multiple Wi-Fi access points together to create and share a single, seamless Wi-Fi network. It provides total coverage to even the largest homes and buildings.


Should I get a Wi-Fi mesh system?


If the Wi-Fi router or boosters you use in your small apartment don’t provide the full wireless connectivity you want, then a mesh Wi-Fi router system is the perfect solution.


They’re ideal if you have a large home or live in a property with an unusual layout that rises more than two stories.


The benefits of mesh routers


Mesh systems offer loads of great benefits and advantages, including:


  • A mesh system means no dead zones and the same fast and reliable speeds in every part of your home.


  • Mesh networks are easy to manage. They’re automated and can be controlled via smartphone apps. Mesh-router apps let users quickly scan their speeds, cut off Wi-Fi access to specific networks, create guest networks, test the quality between the various connection points, and connect to smart home devices.


  • Streamlined connections. Unlike a booster system, a mesh network doesn’t require constant reconnection as you move from room to room around the house. A single, seamless mesh network minimises lag, jitter, buffering, and dropouts.


What is better, a booster system or a mesh network?


Boosters are good. But mesh systems are excellent.


Mesh networks are the best choice for broadband customers looking for broader network coverage and better connections.


Mesh networks are faster, more secure, more reliable, and guarantee the same level of connection in every corner of every room. They also give you more control over your network and can help improve, for example, the streaming speeds to your TV.


Why can I get a mesh Wi-Fi system from?


6G Internet’s ‘Wi-Fi Wherever‘ broadband system supports 100% total Wi-Fi coverage in every room, every single time.


The Wi-Fi Wherever mesh system uses multiple hard-wired routers to create a single network. It identifies your device and location and assigns the strongest available signal.


With Wi-Fi Wherever Mesh, you can log on and use your broadband anywhere in the home without losing speed or picture resolution. This is Wi-Fi Wherever you are at home – guaranteed.


6G Internet’s Wi-Fi Wherever packages start from just £29.99 p/m.

Ethnic Reach wins the 6G Internet creative media award

Marketing agency Ethnic Reach scooped the 6G Internet creative media award at this year’s Tenth Asian Media Awards.

The London-based firm, which also took home the Media Agency of the Year trophy, picked up the award for its groundbreaking ‘#BeVisible: See the Ability, Not the Difference’ campaign, run alongside Vatika UK.

The campaign challenged discrimination in the beauty and personal care industry by promoting the stories of six women who identify as having a physical difference. Nearly one in five people in the UK self-identify as having a visible difference, yet beauty and personal care brands marketed for the Asian community barely reflect and represent their stories.

Ethnic Reach has been championing diversity and inclusion since 2006, through marketing strategy and brand profiling for public awareness, product and brand campaigns, events, and PR.

The 2022 Asian Media Awards took place at the Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester.

Some of the other categories and winners included:

Best TV Character

Balvinder Sopal

as Suki Panesar in Eastenders

TV Channel of the Year

Sony Entertainment Television

Best Radio Show

The Everyday Hustle

BBC Asian Network

Radio Presenter of the Year

Neev Spencer

Radio Station of the Year

Lyca Radio

Regional Journalist of the Year

Pritti Mistry

Journalist, BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Outstanding Young Journalist

Isaan Khan

Sports Reporter, Daily Mail

Sports Journalist of the Year

Nikesh Rughani

Commentator & Reporter, BBC Sport

Report of the Year

Helping Children in Crisis

Andrew Misra for ITV Border

Best Investigation

The Trojan Horse Affair

Hamza Syed & Brian Reed for The Serial & New York Times

Manchester Metropolitan University Journalist of the Year

Rohit Kachroo

Global Security Editor, ITN ITV News

Best Video Channel

Dr Karan Rajan

Best Newcomer

Ambika Mod

The Sophiya Haque Services to Television & Film Award

Kulvinder Ghir

Outstanding Contribution to Media Award

Lisa Aziz

Media Personality of the Year 

Nihal Arthanayake

“This year’s Asian Media Awards event was the best yet,” says Tara Murray, from 6G Internet. “There was so much talent and achievement on display. We were proud to be a part of it and even prouder to see Ethnic Reach named a worthy winner of the award we sponsored.”

6G Internet announces its Cyber Monday special offer

2022 has been a bad year for consumers in the UK. Everyone is paying more for everything right now. And unfortunately, utility bills are likely to carry on rising in 2023.

But there is some good news.

It’s almost Cyber Monday.

One of the most eagerly awaited shopping events of the year, Cyber Monday is a day when online retailers post their biggest offers and special deals.

6G Internet has extended its best-ever offer for this Cyber Monday, providing the kind of support consumers need, just when they need it the most.

The Cyber Monday Offer

6G Internet is stepping up on this Cyber Monday and offering to split broadband bills with every new customer.

Customers signing up on Cyber Monday will pay just £9.99 p/m for the first six months of any new contract, saving over £100 a year.

That’s half-price broadband for six months for every new customer, putting more money in people’s pockets to cover the cost of Christmas and rising bills.

This exclusive Cyber Monday offer applies to all our 24-month high-speed broadband packages.


Signing up with 6G Internet on Cyber Monday

There are zero installation fees or set-up costs.

6G Internet is air fibre broadband. You won’t have to pay extra for a landline you never use.

As our newest member of 6G Internet, you’ll get…

  • Guaranteed downloads speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Real customer service from real people based at a local call centre
  • Free Wi-Fi survey worth £99

There’s one more thing we should mention.

And that’s the 6G Internet no price rise promise.

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

We’ll never raise your bill mid-contract.

Most other providers will, but we won’t. Mid-contract price hikes aren’t fair and they’re not right.

Switch to 6G Internet, and you’ll never pay a penny more than you agreed to.


What is Cyber Monday?

While many people still go shopping on Black Friday, retailers noticed an interesting shift in consumer behaviour around the early 2000s. In 2003 and 2004, online sales for retailers didn’t spike on Black Friday. Instead, they spiked on the Monday after.

Online retailers decided to take advantage of this trend by creating a new sales holiday – and Cyber Monday was born.

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

Cyber Monday 2022 is on 28th November. But many retailers, including 6G Internet, offer special deals a few weeks before Cyber Monday.

The 6G Internet Cyber Monday deal

There are just a few days left to grab one of 6G Internet’s Cyber Monday special £9.99pm broadband offers.

These limited-time deals are only available until Monday 28th November 2022 so hurry.

Don’t put off getting one of the best broadband deals of the year.


Black Friday Special: broadband for less than £10 p/m!

6Gi Black Friday 2022Fast and reliable broadband for less than a tenner a month?

It’s one more reason why it’s time to switch to 6Ginternet

We’re offering you a chance to join the 6Ginternet flock at this super-low price as part of an amazing Black Friday offer.

This Black Friday Special applies to anyone who signs up for a 6Ginternet package.

New customers pay £9.99 for the first six months of their contract; that’s a saving of over £100 per year to put toward all those other bills that are going up, instead of down.

There’s no install fee or no phone line required, keeping even more money in your pocket.

6Ginternet Black Friday offers

Hurry up. You’ve got less than a week left to make huge savings on your monthly broadband deals. Grab one of these offers before they’re gone!

(maybe a graphic of the packages)


Being a 6Ginternet customer

Once signed up, you’ll enjoy a host of amazing benefits that come as standard.

Every 6Ginternet package includes….

  • Guaranteed speeds
  • Free install and Wi-Fi survey
  • Real customer support from a locally based service centre. No robots. No chatbots. You speak to a real person on every call.
  • The 6Ginternet price promise. No mid-contract price hikes. EVER.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a day dedicated to amazing deals and savings. It’s one of the major shopping events of the year, with retailers filling their shelves and websites with great bargains.

That’s why we saved our best deal of the year for Black Friday. It’s broadband that won’t let you down for just £9.99 p/m.

Black Friday only comes around once a year. You don’t want to miss out.


High-speed internet finally arrives in Blackpool!

The new broadband network goes live later this month and promises to deliver superfast internet at low prices, to thousands of premises in and around Blackpool.

It’s fantastic news for the local residents who’ve long been ignored by the so-called ‘big internet’ providers. Like many areas across the North West, Blackpool has some of the worst internet connections in the UK. Many mainstream broadband firms refused to build networks in Blackpool, citing high construction costs and a low return on investment. In other words, they didn’t think the town or its people were worth it.

Residents are forced to pay over the odds for sub-standard connections, while others simply can’t afford monthly tariffs and have no access to essential digital services. Digital exclusion is a serious issue that leads to fewer economic opportunities and poorer health outcomes, including a reduced life expectancy.

“Blackpool is one of the UK’s ‘left behind’ areas,” says Dr Luke Munford, a lecturer in health economics at the University of Manchester. “Digital exclusion is a huge contributor to the struggles the town faces.”

6G Internet is a high-speed broadband network that delivers guaranteed high-speed internet at extremely affordable prices. For less than £20 p/m, you’ll receive enough broadband to support browsing, streaming, gaming and home working on multiple devices. Also, with 6G Internet’s no price rise promise, you’ll never pay more than you agreed to.

6G Internet will ensure that everyone in Blackpool has the same opportunity to benefit from fast and reliable broadband connections. The Internet for everyone campaign will donate 20% of 6G Internet’s network coverage to schools, charities and local organisations in need. It also provides tablets and other digital devices to children from families experiencing economic hardship.

The network uses wireless transmitters, installed on roof-tops, telecommunication masts and street poles, to send full-fibre Wi-Fi signals through the air.

Phil Walker is the Director of Finance at 6G Internet. He says, “Over the last 15 years, billions of pounds have been invested in research and development for wireless broadband technology. NASA uses it to communicate with its Mars rover. Tesla cars use it to update and navigate.”

“Now we are using it to make sure people in Blackpool can access the internet faster and cheaper than anywhere else in the UK. It’s a true game-changer. Residents and businesses will be able to take full advantage of technology and services that are at the cutting edge of what is possible. If anywhere deserved a digital upgrade, then it’s Blackpool. We’re excited to see the impact the network will have.”

To celebrate this exciting launch, 6G Internet is offering a discount on all of its packages, to every person in Blackpool, who signs up before the 31st of August 2022. The savings on offer include:

  • Swift 45 Mbps package: was £18.99p/m, now just £15.99p/m.
  • Rapid 75 Mbps package: was £21.99p/m, now just £18.99p/m.
  • Ultrafast 100 Mbps package: was £26.99p/m, now just £21.99p/m.

Visit or call 01253 427 001 for more information but hurry; this offer is only available for a limited time. Signing up after the 31st of August 2022 means you’ll miss out on these great savings.

6G Internet Partners with Blackburn Rovers – 2021/2022 Season

6G Internet will help Blackburn Rovers kick off the new football season after becoming an official partner of the club.

Phil Walker, director of 6G Internet, said “6G Internet is an established East Lancashire business that has always been proud of its roots, so we are keen to become part of the fabric of the communities we serve. When the opportunity with Blackburn Rovers arose, we were eager to show our support for the town’s favourite football club and we look forward to seeing this partnership flourish as the team progresses on the pitch this season.”

6G Internet, which initially launched in Blackburn, has ambitious plans to roll out its technology even further afield and is set to open a new retail outlet in the town centre. ‘The WI-FI Centre – brought to you by 6G Internet’ is expected to open its doors in The Mall later this month, offering customers a one-stop shop for all their Wi-Fi queries and needs.

We believe both the link-up with Rovers and the launch of The WI-FI Centre shows the business’ commitment to become part of the community in Blackburn.

Marc Mitchell, Rovers’ Commercial Sales & Partnership Manager, added: “It is important for the club to develop strong links with the community, so we are delighted to welcome 6G Internet into our commercial portfolio as an official club partner.”

For more information about Blackburn Rovers, please click here

Burnley’s 6G Internet invests to expand high-speed internet service into home town

Burnley internet service provider 6G Internet, is bringing improved connectivity to the area with high-speed broadband, using its own innovative technology. 

The business, founded and headquartered in the town, is investing in expanding its network to enable homes and businesses to enjoy high-quality, faster broadband speeds.

The network, which uses 6G Internet’s own air fibre technology, will enable users to receive speeds of up to 100Mbps.

6G Internet, based in Simonstone, is currently installing telegraph poles in Burnley and its surrounding areas, with the service set to go live in the coming months.

The network is gigabit ready, meaning that as internet speeds increase, there will be no need to upgrade the infrastructure.

Phil Walker, director of 6G Internet, said it was an important step for the business’s home town. He said, “Parts of Burnley still suffer from poor connectivity, which we believe is unacceptable at a time when increasing numbers of people rely on the internet to enable them to work from home.

“6G Internet is committed to improving the lives of those in the communities we serve and we are delighted to roll out our network to Burnley and its surrounding areas. Residents may have seen our teams out installing poles with our fibre-optic cables in their neighbourhoods and we look forward to the service going live, enabling many more people to take advantage of faster, cheaper internet.”

The business, which already provides internet services to more than 1,000 homes in Blackburn, has designed, built and also manages its own network, meaning it is not reliant on other parties such as telecommunications providers.

The technology is all above ground, using fibre-optic cables fixed to telegraph poles rather than using the copper cable network like 6G Internet’s rivals. The innovative approach enables 6G Internet to provide high-quality broadband without the wait or inconvenience of digging up roads to lay cables.

Crucially, customers do not need a landline to access the internet, using 6G Internet. The service is transmitted from the masts to a receiver fitted to their roof, giving access to 100Mbps connectivity.

Phil said, “Our network is a lot quicker and easier to manage, removing the need to cause disruption by digging up roads. We already provide services to more than 1,000 homes in Blackburn and we have plans to expand to other parts of Lancashire in the future.”


About 6G Internet
6G Internet began in 2013 with the goal to provide high quality broadband, without the wait or the inconvenience of road digging to install more fibre-optic cables.

6G are proud to work with IX Wireless to introduce a gigabit network to Blackburn

As a local broadband provider we are proud to be working with IX Wireless who have gained Government praise and recognition for introducing a gigabit network to Blackburn.

Government Minister officially launches Blackburn’s gigabit broadband network.

The gigabit broadband network across the Lancashire town of Blackburn has been officially launched.

Oliver Dowden CBE, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, spoke about the ‘game changing’ network being rolled out across the region in a virtual launch this week.

He was joined by founder of IX Wireless, Tahir Mohsan and Philip Walker CFO.

The company is managing the 6G Internet in towns in the North of England, providing gigabit internet at lower prices than providers such as Virgin and BT.

Mr Dowden said, “I am delighted to join you for the virtual opening of your Blackburn gigabit network, which is really going to provide some of the fastest broadband on the planet to tens of thousands of people across the North West and it is all part of this government’s once in a lifetime upgrade to the digital infrastructure.”

“I would like to really pay tribute to you and other alternative network providers in that mission, particularly in the North West. The Blackburn network has been built in only nine months and I know you have got very exciting ambitions to reach another 250,000 premises this year and to reach 4 million premises by 2025.”

The minister was keen to stress how the network was helping charities and community groups in the area, “You are also giving back to communities you connect. So, 20 percent of your capacity is being given to social causes that connect places such as school children for free.

“It really does show how much we can achieve when we bring together the power of private investments and government programmes along with close collaboration with local government.

“Project Gigabit is the levelling up game changer. Northern towns and cities are getting gigabit first in a big boost for the region and it means people will be able to run a business from anywhere.

“They will be able to move to places that were previously in that box of ‘left behind’ but are now affordable and attractive places to move to and raise a family.”

Mr Dowden said post lockdown the network would help businesses and residents across the region.

“The work you are doing is a central part of our recovery from coronavirus and our bid to build back better from the pandemic. Homegrown operators help provide thousands of jobs across the telecom sector and this once in a lifetime upgrade of the nation’s network will mean we are more productive than ever boosting our economy when it needs it.”

Executive member for regeneration in Blackburn with Darwen Council, Phil Riley said, “At the present time, we have got some of the fastest broadband in the country. That is the sign of the town looking up and to the future.”

“We were the first borough to take up this opportunity and other local councils have followed suit.

“We have worked closely with the company to minimise any inconvenience throughout the process.

“The result is we have something which is a real asset for the residents and will eventually become a major asset for the businesses in the borough too.”