Blackburn is lighting up with super-fast broadband

It’s been a couple of months since we launched our super-fast internet service in Blackburn and it’s fair to say we’ve made a few headlines.

Broadband Headlines in Blackburn

New wireless broadband network could result in Blackburn having fastest internet in UK fixed wireless broadband network could result in Blackburn having fastest internet in UK –

Blackburn to be at the cutting edge of next generation broadband roll-out –

Super-fast internet rollout begins in Blackburn –

6G Internet delivering fibre speed broadband in Blackburn

I think that one reason we’ve had such a good reception is the lack of service that a lot of people feel they get from the ‘big’ ISPs.

We’ve heard from residents who had previously bought the fastest, most expensive broadband in their area, yet still didn’t get the advertised speed with any kind of regularity.

Part of this is down to technology and part of it is down to cost. Even the biggest internet service providers are struggling to roll-out ultra-fast broadband with any consistency.

High speed broadband for communities

If you live outside of big cities or in areas that aren’t chock-full of double garages and golf courses, it can easily feel like you’ve been overlooked. But we’re changing things.

What the future holds for high speed internet in Blackburn

We believe Blackburn will become the blueprint for how broadband will be delivered in the future. For the first time, ultra-fast broadband will be available to an entire town for a price that is lower than what most people already pay for their standard internet.

And speaking of blueprints, we are now rolling out the network to other towns, so keep an eye out for news in your area. In the meantime, check if you’re eligible by entering your postcode here.