New report highlights the best way to save money on broadband bills in 2023

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Switching to a provider with a no-price promise is one of the best ways to avoid higher broadband bills during 2023, according to a leading consumer watchdog.


In its annual report on how to save money on broadband bills, Which? advises consumers to stay away from new deals with mainstream broadband firms, as they are far more likely to raise prices this year.


“When we looked at the average amounts affected customers could pay, we found that this year’s price increase would add as much as £55 to the average customer’s annual broadband bill,” writes Which? “Switching away or picking a provider with a fixed price will mean you get to swerve that extra cost.”


Which? looked at several more ways customers can reduce their broadband bills this year.


They include ditching the landline, which could save up to £20 a month and taking advantage of any refer-a-friend offers, which may equal an annual saving of £50 or more.


Which? also told consumers to look for special introductory and New Year deals.


“Given that many household budgets are already being squeezed, it’s become even more important to ensure that consumers get the most out of any broadband deal,” reads the Which? report. “Reducing the cost of your connection doesn’t have to be tricky: there are simple actions anyone can take to ensure they’re not paying over the odds.”


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