Millions of homeowners and tenants will get better access to faster broadband

Nearly all new homes built in England will have a gigabit-ready broadband connection installed during the construction phase.

UK Ministers added new measures to the Building Regulations 2010 Act, ensuring that future homes built in England will be fitted with connections capable of delivering gigabit broadband; gigabit broadband is the fastest internet speed on the market.

Ministers estimate that the new law will help connect more than 9 million households to high-speed and reliable internet over the next few years. Long-term, it means that gigabit broadband will be standard in every home in England.

And there’s more good news.

The Government announced another new law that will make installing faster internet connections in blocks of flats and high-rise apartment buildings easier.

The Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Act (TILPA) gives broadband providers increased powers to gain access and install equipment when tenants request a faster broadband connection. Over 2000 residential buildings per year will be connected as a result.

“Nothing should stop people from seizing the benefits of better broadband, whether it is an unresponsive landlord or a property developer’s failure to act,” said Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez.

“Thanks to our new laws, millions of renters will no longer be prevented from getting a broadband upgrade due to the silence of their landlord. Those moving into newly built homes can be confident they’ll have access to the fastest speeds available from the day they move in.”

Gigabit broadband connections are available in over 70% of the UK.

They deliver lightning-fast download speeds. With a gigabit connection, customers enjoy a super smooth browsing experience.

It has enough bandwidth to support streaming and gaming on multiple devices, at the same time, with no slowdowns in speed. It’s broadband that keeps everybody happy.

And it’s ideal for homeworkers and remote learners who need a fast and reliable connection every time they log on.