Why AltNets like 6G Internet are better than big-name providers

AltNets like 6G Internet

Fed up with expensive broadband packages? Sick of seeing bills go up and up? Are you searching for a real alternative to the big-name broadband providers who never seem to value you as a customer?

If the answers are yes – and they probably are – then it’s time you thought about signing up with an alternative internet provider (Altnet) like 6G Internet.

AltNets are independent broadband companies delivering superfast speeds at great prices. Here’s a look at some of the best reasons why you should think about switching to one.

We’re just as fast 

Alternative doesn’t mean inferior. It certainly doesn’t mean slower.

Here at 6G Internet, we deliver fibre-speed broadband through the air directly to our customers’ homes. Our packages are as fast as those offered by mainstream providers.

We deliver enough guaranteed broadband speeds for home-working, studying, streaming and gaming on multiple devices.

Better customer service 

Around 1 in 5 broadband customers are unhappy with the level of service and technical support they receive from the big four broadband providers. Long call waiting times, the inability to speak to a ‘real’ person, degraded service, and billing issues were among the most popular complaints.

We take a different approach to service at 6G Internet. As a smaller, independent provider, every customer matters to us. So we treat our customers how they should be treated – like people, not numbers.

Our locally based call centre means there will always be an actual person waiting to answer your call. No bots. No automated ‘help’ menus.

Loyalty doesn’t always pay

When it comes to sticking with a mainstream broadband provider, loyalty DOES NOT pay. In fact, the longer you stay with a big-name broadband company, the more you’ll end up paying every month.

A report from the consumer group Which? found that Virgin Media broadband subscribers who stay for three years or longer end up paying 52% more than new customers. Sky’s customers face a 42% penalty for their ‘loyalty.’

Plus, most of them include a sneaky contract clause saying they can raise your bill mid-contract. If you decide to leave, you’ll have to pay an expensive exit fee.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it? That’s why we don’t do mid-contract price rises at 6G Internet.

We build better networks and better communities

AltNets are helping build better communities. Connecting towns and rural areas to high-speed broadband creates more economic opportunities and better life outcomes for residents.

At 6G Internet, we want everyone to benefit from fast and reliable internet connections, even if they can’t afford one.

And that’s what our Internet for everyone campaign is all about. We give away 20% of our network coverage in every town or city we build in. The free connections go to local schools, charities and any organisation that needs them.

Our free internet helps charities provide digital skills training to older people and care residents. It also means families experiencing economic hardship can stay connected to vital online services.

It’s time for something better and AltNets are becoming the common-sense choice for consumers. Visit 6Ginternet.com to see how you can become a part of the Altnet revolution.