Customers urged to check routers after popular broadband firm discovers potential security flaw

Broadband Security

A leading provider of Wi-Fi routers has discovered a flaw in its devices that may put millions of broadband users at risk.

The firm, which makes some of the most popular internet devices in the world, has urged all users of its products to check their Wi-Fi routers without delay to ensure the security of their online data.

The flaw could potentially allow hackers to access sensitive information such as passwords, financial data, and other personal information transmitted over the internet.

6G Internet DOES NOT use any of the routers made by the firm. Instead, all our customers receive a Wi-Fi 6 router which guarantees faster speeds, reliable connections, and, most importantly, increased security and online protection.

Wi-Fi 6 technology supports the newest security protocol, Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3), which analysts say is the most comprehensive router safety protocol on the market.

Although our Wi-Fi 6 router includes advanced security and encryption features to protect your data, customers should always take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their families safe when connecting devices to the internet.

They include regularly changing passwords, keeping software up-to-date, and not clicking on suspicious emails, links, or websites.

Customers should also keep their routers on overnight. Like many other internet service providers, this is when we send essential updates to the router.

Unplugging them before you go to bed to reduce electricity bills means your router misses out on the updates. Over time, this could degrade your download speeds and compromise the router’s security features.

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